Couchiching Conversations

SP to the rituality

by Jason Demata.

“You, in every verse.”

I feel you.
I feel you in every verse.
Every verse that’s ever been written or rehearsed,
every unexplainable thought that ever existed,
amidst every prophesied manuscript,
I feel you.
The unwavering, undeniable, unfathomable feeling,
from the very simple thought of you,
create internal dialogue like,
“What is trauma, to the Dalai Lama?”.
“How many of my thoughts, are truly mine?”.
As I dig deeper past all these questions, my eyes can no longer see.
I dive deeper into a sea, contained,
like a bottle of mixed emotions.
Do I choose to drift further into the ocean,
or do I choose to drop the bottle,
on too a hard surface?

(Shaman, 2014)

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