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May Antaki

May joined Couchiching in late 2013 and assists the conversations committee with communications-related work. Born and raised in Montreal, May graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and moved to Toronto to pursue work in the film industry. May currently works in publicity and marketing in publishing, and writes short stories and creative non-fiction in her spare time.


Geoffrey Cameron

Geoff joined the Couchiching conversations committee in 2011 because of its commitment to supporting constructive public discourse on difficult social issues. He has helped to organize conversations on youth, religion, truth and reconciliation, and foreign aid. Geoffrey is principal researcher with the Baha’i Community of Canada, and a PhD student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto.


Natasha Collishaw

Natasha joined the committee to create a space where young people from a variety of backgrounds could genuinely learn from each other. She has helped to develop a number of conversations, including an upcoming Edmonton event. Natasha is the managing editor of a publication of the Baha’i Community of Canada, has experience organizing seminars for university students, and has long served as a facilitator for programs that build the capacity of young people to serve their communities. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Communication and Culture through Ryerson and York Universities.


Shayan Edalati

Shayan joined Couchiching in October 2012. As a conversations committee member, he has moderated and organized conversations on topics such as Social Media and Activism and self-immolations in Tibet. He also works as the Project Manager for the Spirit of Social Change conversation series, a project with events held across the country. Shayan sits on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International Toronto Organization, chairs the Toronto based Iran Action Circle, and is involved in community school issues at a Toronto education NGO. Shayan graduated from York University with a degree in International Development Studies and Non-Profit Management.


Hibaq Gelle

Hibaq joined the Conversations committee to take grassroots conversations to mainstream audiences and to build public will on issues affecting all Canadians. She has organized conversations on youth policing in Toronto’s Jane and Finch neighbourhood as well as the Idle No More movement, and champions the Spirit of Social Change Series. Hibaq graduated from the University of Guelph as well as the Creative Institute of Toronto’s Young (CITY) Leaders institute, and has extensive experience working with diverse communities across Toronto. You can follow Hibaq on Twitter at @HibaqG.


Fatma Hassan

Fatma joined the Conversations committee in 2012 to create and be part of conversations on relevant social issues. She co-organized a conversation on the perception of immigrants as  “good” vs “bad”, and hopes to organize engaging and timely conversations on issues that impact Canadians.  Fatma is a federal public servant and has worked as a policy analyst at both the provincial and federal levels, with a focus on immigration policy and research.


Abdi Hersi

Abdi joined the Conversations committee to encourage youth from marginalized communities to take part in similar initiatives. He is currently planning a spoken word themed conversation, and received the St. Michael’s College Father Madden Leadership Award for his participation with the committee. Outside Couchiiching, Abdi is involved in the Police Literacy Initiative and the G8/G20 Research Group. He graduated from the University of Toronto and is now preparing for a Masters in Public Policy. He is also an avid basketball fan. You can follow Abdi on Twitter @TO_pharaoh.


Mohamed Huque

Mohamed joined the Conversations committee to help raise the level of public discourse on important issues. He is the lead organizer of the Montreal Spirit of Social Change discussion, and hopes to organize future conversations on media, education, and ethics. Mohamed is a freelance journalist and Senior Editor at Urban Times, where he manages The Writer’s Corner series. He is also the Vice President of The Tessellate Institute, a non-profit research institute exploring Muslims in Canada. You can follow Mohamed on Twitter @MohamedHuque.


Ahmer Khan

Ahmer Khan is Chair of the Conversations Committee following three years as a member of the committee. Born and raised in Canada, he joined Couchiching during his last year of completing his undergraduate degree on Diaspora Studies at the University of Toronto. He hopes to bring meaningful and challenging Conversations to all peoples across Canada. His interests lie in strengthening Canadian multiculturalism. You can follow him on Twitter @ahmercankhan.


Ryan Krahn

Ryan has been a member of the conversations committee since 2013 and is focussed on planning conversations in Winnipeg. A law student at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, he is currently doing research on Aboriginal legal issues and is involved with a number of initiatives promoting greater access to justice. Ryan is from Manitoba and enjoys spending his summers in the wilderness of Northwestern Ontario. You can follow Ryan on Twitter @R_Krahn.



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