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Self-love & 5-foot Post, by Jordon Veira

In his first poem Jordan talks about self-love as a key to spreading love amongst ourselves.

His second poem, “5 foot post” uses the story of an elephant tied to a 5 foot post that broke free one day as a metaphor for obstacles that are holding us back that we need to outgrow, in order to experience true and lasting freedom.

Internal Healing, by Mustafa the Poet

The crowd hums throughout as Mustafa the Poet reflects on his progression as a poet, the ups and downs and his reliance on faith as a source of inspiration.

Diasporic Connections (Part II), by Ifrah Hussein

In this piece, Ifrah talks about Islamophobia and mainstream Islam’s denouncing of terrorism that often is ignored by the media.

She also brings attention to the dire situation of innocent civilians where the “war on terror” plays out.

Diasporic connections, by Ifrah Hussein

This poem performed by Ifrah Hussein starts with her singing in Somali. The piece deals with the challenges and dynamics of being part of a diaspora community, having to flee the civil war as a refugee but also having a sense of attachment to your country of origin.

Closer, by Mustafa the Poet

“Closer” tackles the meaning of friendship. In this piece, Mustafa uses a metaphor of a youth who is going down the wrong path in life as a result of misguided decisions. Mustafa warns about the consequences of this kind of association.

Diary of a Hijabi, by Aisha the Poet

Aisha the Poet performing “Diary of a hijabi” and “Chocolate Pearl.”

Diary of a hijabi is a spoken word piece that speaks on Islam, the hijab, and the prejudices and barriers that the two are irrationally associated with.

Chocolate Pearl is a piece that Aisha wrote which was based on stories that her neighbour told her about her biracial daughter. This piece touches on the topic of shade-ism and the struggles of one figuring out where they belong in society.

Jordon Veira performs at “Raising The Spirit: Journey Through Spirituality”

Spirit of Social Change

An Inspirational Story About Social Change

Inter-religious cooperation